Assumption / Church of Dormition of Holy Mary, Kypriadou
Broader/ Church of Saint Andrews, Ano Pathsia
Holy Trinity / Church of Dormition of Holy Mary, Kypriadou
Angels / From the Dome of the Church of Holy Trinity in Charleston  


Our education: Our teachers were highly acclaimed persons in the field of hagiography, such as Fotis Kontoglou and Kostas Georgakopoulos.

Our Experience
Long-running: over four decades of experience, demonstrated through murals in hundreds of temples and portable icons all over the world.
Intricate: we specialize in both Cretan and Macedonian styles.
Renowned: because of our unique creative identity, we have been featured in books, the press and television and received much praise and attention by all social groups around the world.
Our goal : is to produce byzantine murals and hagiographies that combine art of high aesthetics with religious tradition and serenity.
We share a profound love for art and byzantine tradition. Art is the focal point of our thoughts and our lives in and out of our workshop; it gives us joy, recreation, spiritual uplifting. It is not only about labor and tears but also satisfaction and smiles, optimism and hope.
Our passion for perfection leads us to an everyday research of original creations. Through incessant study and acquisition of knowledge, we become wiser and humbler. It is a constant riddle that can only be answered through the endless resources of Christian tradition, thus breathing new life and spirituality into the walls of a church.






  • World renowned hagiographer of an extensive body of work
  • A worthy successor of his honorable teachers Stelios Kartakis, Fotis Kontoglou and Kostas Georgakopoulos.
  • A true Cretan with a great love for his homeland, its customs and traditions and our cultural heritage.
  • Deeply religious and fully immersed and dedicated to Christianity and his work, an everyday partaker of the orthodox faith.

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  • A talented hagiographer. Multifaceted, educated and active, with an insatiable interest in fine arts.
  • His main concern is the creation of original work that stands out thanks to the quality of the figures regarding color, design, expressiveness and mainly the representation of figures in the fashion of the Christian spirit. His source of inspiration and direction is the Byzantine Hagiography with its diversity, as it can surprise even the most studious researcher and is considered by many the mother of modernism.

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  • Multi-faceted and creative with a profound love for art and science.
  • Stratis serves hagiography with love and his interest extends beyond art subjects, way into the fields of studying Scripture and the broader Byzantine tradition.
  • He has successfully managed to incorporate his knowledge of mathematics in hagiography, thus creating through careful calculations more accurate analogies and precisely representing scenes on surfaces that are difficult to work on because of optical distortions, such as the dome and apses.

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