Assumption / Church of Dormition of Holy Mary, Kypriadou
Broader/ Church of Saint Andrews, Ano Pathsia
Holy Trinity / Church of Dormition of Holy Mary, Kypriadou
Angels / From the Dome of the Church of Holy Trinity in Charleston  


CV - George Tzirtzilakis (Athens, 1975)

Having set strong foundations from his early school years, he accompanied his father in professional artistic activities from the age of just 18 (1993). A frequent participant in the hagiography of the Temple of Our Mother Mary’s Assumption in Tavros, the Dome of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Kypriadis, in the restoration of a destroyed part of a mural in Saint Nicholas of Acharnai, as well as in the hagiography of the dome of Saint Andrew in Ano Patissia.
In 2003, he expands his artistic activities abroad, participating with his family in the hagiography of the Temple of the Holy Trinity in South Carolina (USA). Since 2008, he has been working on the complete hagiography of the Temple of the Holy Unmercenaries in Keratea and in 2012 he undertakes with his father a private Church at Leontari Arkadias.
His main concern is the creation of original work that stands out thanks to the quality of the figures regarding color, design, expressiveness and mainly the representation of figures in the fashion of the Christian spirit. His source of inspiration and direction is the Byzantine Hagiography with its diversity, as it can surprise even the most studious researcher and is considered by many the mother of modernism.
In his free time, he travels to the most famous museums of world (Hermitage, Kremlin Museum in Moscow, the Louvre, the British Museum, Picasso - Barcelona, Firenze), and keeps a close eye on international trends in art, aims to develop his skills of a daily basis of faculties and studies ways to improve the quality of murals produced by family.
His rich CV is complemented by his two degrees from the University of Patras (department of Chemical Engineering, 1994-1999) and the Economic University of Athens (MBA, 1999-2001), a multitude of distinctions and scholarships (Bodosakis Foundation, Greek State Scholarship Foundation) as well as a successful seven-year career as the general manager of a multinational corporation. (2004-2011)
Of his amateur pastimes, the most remarkable one is completing a project of large proportions for the renovated Entertainment Centre of the National Guard Support in Mitilini during his military service. The first, small recognition of his talent came with an award from then Mayor of Athens Miltiadis Evert for his work in the painting competition called “Paint May” while he was still a student in the last grade of elementary school.