Assumption / Church of Dormition of Holy Mary, Kypriadou
Broader/ Church of Saint Andrews, Ano Pathsia
Holy Trinity / Church of Dormition of Holy Mary, Kypriadou
Angels / From the Dome of the Church of Holy Trinity in Charleston  


CV – Efstratios Tzrtzilakis (Athens, 1974)

Multi-faceted and creative with a profound love for art and science. Stratis was born in Athens in April 1974. From a very early age, along with his brother, he helped his father for the first time in the hagiography of the Holy Temple of the Life-giving Spring at the National Institute of Invalids Rehabilitation in Agioi Anarguroi when he was about 10 years old. He continues this way throughout his school and university days, participating in the painting of the Temple of the Holy Trinity in South Carolina (USA) and the domes of the Holy Temple of Saint Andrew in Ano Patissia, the Holy Temple of Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Tavros and the Holy Temple of our Mother Mary’s Assumption in Kypriadis.
Stratis serves hagiography with love and his interest extends beyond art subjects, way into the fields of studying Scripture and the broader Byzantine tradition. His main concern is the creation of original work that stands out thanks to the quality of the figures regarding color, design, expressiveness and mainly the representation of figures in the fashion of the Christian spirit. It is important to mention that Stratis has successfully managed to incorporate his knowledge of mathematics in hagiography, thus creating through careful calculations more accurate analogies and precisely representing scenes on surfaces that are difficult to work on because of optical distortions, such as the dome and apses.
In 1993 he began his studies as a Mathematician at the University of Patras, where he graduated from in 1997. In 1999 he received his postgraduate diploma (Master) in applied mathematics, graduating first in the second year of his studies and in 2003 he became Doctor of the Mathematical Department of the University of Patras. Since 2010, Stratis Tzirtzilakis is Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Water Resources of the Technical Institute of Messolonghi. Stratis has written 20 papers in international journals and 10 conference proceedings and special volumes. He has also presented his work in over 15 international, national conferences and scientific visits abroad, including the MIT in USA, as well as in Cambridge, England, as a guest speaker. More information on his scientific progress can be found at: http://www.tzirtzilakis.myp.teimes.gr/index.htm.