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George V. Antourakis, Professor of Theology at the University of Athens, makes reference to the work of Emmanuel Tzirtzilaki, in one of his books on Byzantine Iconography, the "Christian Painting". Pictures of two works - a mural and a portable image - are included. The mural depicts a scene of the martyrdom of St. Filotheis and is located in the homonymous chapel of the Archbishop of Athens (Archbishop's Palace) and bears his signature. The portable image depicts the Four Martyrs from Rethymno  and can be found in the H.T. of Dormition Of Holy Mary Kypriadou (Athens - Galaţi). In the same church there is a mural with the same topic.

It should be mentioned that the reference to the Association of Hagiographers, in the same page of the book, is not accidental, as Emm. Tzirtzilakis was one of its founding members.