Assumption / Church of Dormition of Holy Mary, Kypriadou
Broader/ Church of Saint Andrews, Ano Pathsia
Holy Trinity / Church of Dormition of Holy Mary, Kypriadou
Angels / From the Dome of the Church of Holy Trinity in Charleston  

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Click to watch the video of the hagiography of our four major projects in Attica (St. Andrew's Church, Church of Virgin Mary, Church of Saints Anargyri Church Life Giving Source) at vimeo and youtube. 

A complete look for each individual church. Navigate inside and admire with attention the harmony of the whole, the contribution of every detail, the position of each composition or form in space and its meaning, the choice of topics according to the architectural features of each church and the various alternatives of displaying the Christian teaching. Let your sences to feel the katanyktikotita of the temple and a mood for prayer will deluge you. 

If you choose to visit the respective church, you will feel that the Divine Liturgy has a special meaning and you will manage much more easily and pleasantly to concentrate and participate in it. Try it!