Assumption / Church of Dormition of Holy Mary, Kypriadou
Broader/ Church of Saint Andrews, Ano Pathsia
Holy Trinity / Church of Dormition of Holy Mary, Kypriadou
Angels / From the Dome of the Church of Holy Trinity in Charleston  

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Our best wishes for heartfelt blessing of gift bearing God, the giver of all good, in your life! Blessed and Merry Christmas, healthy and fruitful New Year. (Translation: If Christ is born inside the manger of our heart, our world will be full of health and humanity. Your way will be brighten...
Iconography.GR online, for our friends in Germany, but also for those who want to practice in German, you can find on vimeo (http://vimeo.com/channels/iconographygr) and youtube (http://www.youtube.com/user/IconographyGROnline) all our videos with German subtitles. Since Hellenism and Christianity do...
George V. Antourakis, Professor of Theology at the University of Athens, makes reference to the work of Emmanuel Tzirtzilaki, in one of his books on Byzantine Iconography, the "Christian Painting". Pictures of two works - a mural and a portable image - are included. The mural depicts a scene of the...
  The agiography of the Church of Holy Trinity in Charleston was one of the most important experiences of Tzirtzilakis' family. Every summer, for four years, the whole family traveled to the U.S.A. so as to contribute, everyone in his own way and all together as a team, to complete it in the best way...
The Serbian Monasteries are known for their valuable and wonderful murals! These projects are unique and envied. This is why they are studied by art historians from all over the world (see "The fascinating history of images" - Tanya Velmans). Emmanuel Tzirtzilakis is one of them who had the...
Emmanuel Tzirtzilakis, as a true artist, devotes himself to his work, which he considers the best evidence of his abilities. Fortunately, there are reports from all over the world that certify the authenticity and breadth of his work. (Transl.) "Every detail of this new Church proves that people...
The mutual respect, appreciation and love are the main characteristics of the relationship between the apprentice painter and the Grate Master Foti Kontoglou, in the beginning, and his daughter Rosemary and her husband Panos Martino, later on. This relationship is cultivated and passed down to the...
  Click to watch the video of the hagiography of our four major projects in Attica (St. Andrew's Church, Church of Virgin Mary, Church of Saints Anargyri Church Life Giving Source) at vimeo and youtube.  A complete look for each individual church. Navigate inside and admire with attention the harmony...
Two images for my beloved friend, who recently passed away. He will always have place in my thoughts and in my heart and I will pray for the repose of his soul. He died too young and it hurts us very much. But, considering how little do we know about the Will of the Lord and the splendor of the...